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Project would light the night


Planners say a brighter city attracts people 361-886-4316

Illuminating the darkened alcoves of Corpus Christi's downtown, uptown, North Beach and entertainment districts could be key in alleviating public safety concerns and drawing in more visitors and more investment.

If approved by the City Council, the plan - which has a working title of Light Up Corpus Christi - would get its jump-start with $30,000. The funds would come from parking meter revenue for a pilot street-lighting project that could improve lighting through retrofitting and also provide additional lighting in darker areas. The improvements would help enhance visibility, deter crime, make visitors feel more comfortable and promote development, advocates say.

It's one of the recommendations the Parking Advisory Committee made to the City Council this week for the use of the Parking Improvement Fund,

The Parking Advisory Committee is recommending use of $30,000 in improvement funds for better lighting in the downtown, uptown and North Beach areas.


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